How This Entrepreneur’s Military Service Set Her Up For Profound Success

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There is no clear cut path to becoming an entrepreneur.  And in life, there is usually never a perfect time to start a business, especially if you are part of the United States Military. However, military service provides a unique skill set that few others possess, and provides exposure to a world that no one else sees.  US Veteran entrepreneurs are a special breed, and this is no exception when it comes to Kelly Cooper.

Kelly Cooper is the Founder of Tomato Superstar, a labeled clothing line operated by Kelly Cooper Designs, LLC at & @tomatosuperstar on Instagram.  The brand encourages girls to live their lives authentically, and the fashion line speaks to that with its messaging and branding.  As a US Air Force Veteran of 8 years traveling the world, Kelly ended up settling in Washington DC as a Government Consultant.  Internally she knew that her experiences in the military gave her the skills necessary for something big, and she was interested in pursuing fashion. 

As the entrepreneurial mindset develops, accepting failures and learning from them becomes a common theme. Cooper embraced this in her own life, and in 2017 would launch Tomato Superstar with an altruistic mission. Cooper had seen much of the world and knew she wanted to create a brand that could spark a change in the world, no matter the size.  She decided that with every purchase made, Tomato Superstar would give back to non profits combating human trafficking and organizations combating the marginalization of women around the world.  She discovered that a cause based organization was her strength in the face of the naysayers and the adversity that challenges entrepreneurs on a regular basis.  

Facing those challenges head on and having the wherewithal to weather the tides of entrepreneurship are oftentimes what makes the difference between success and failure.  Becoming a parent changes us in many ways, and the births of Kelly’s two children, Hannah and Josiah, brought entrepreneurship into clear focus for her.  Jumping head first into entrepreneurship was more than just about making money, it was about making time for the special moments in life too.  

In black and white, a business is about profits.  However Kelly Cooper shows us that success is measured by the goals that we set for ourselves.  Success is doing what you set out to do, and Kelly, like many other entrepreneurs, has taken the tools gained in other lines of experience and tied that into a successful brand that executes on its altruistic mission of helping others. Money will come and go, but time is something you’ll never get back.  Visit and make a purchase that will help marginalized and trafficked women around the world and stay true to your path.