Lisa Fei
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Founder of Clarity, Lisa Fei is revolutionizing the dating and relationship world by building the “go-to destination for your love life” that gives you everything you need to successfully navigate every stage and facet of your relationships—which are arguably the most important aspect of anyone’s life.   Clarity is a social platform that encourages real, unfiltered conversation and taps into the wisdom of 50+ renowned experts, who have joined forces to provide the support and resources that singles and couples need to build happier, more meaningful, and lasting relationships.    Lisa was inspired to build Clarity after endless years of sifting through Google, books, and articles trying to solve her dating quandaries. She is a UC Berkeley graduate and has a background in hotel asset management. While overseeing a cluster of boutique hotels, she gained an extensive understanding of human relationships amongst all cultures and walks of life   Lisa’s guiding principles for her life center around empathy, and has served on the Asian Art Museum’s Advisory Council and Young Professional Council of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research.

The Catalysts of Online Dating: COVID and “Cuffing Season”

A good majority of singles are facing the dynamic duo of loneliness: quarantine and cuffing season. The cold months from October to March have become known as “cuffing season,” a time when people are more likely to seek a romantic…

5 Reasons Why Being Press Worthy is Important, According to Akemi Sue Fisher

The digital world is an expansive place that is growing more and more competitive, thanks to COVID-19. What was once done on foot and in person is now being done through laptops and mobile devices, from the safety and comfort…